Canon MS-500 Riser Baseplate


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This Kondor Blue riser baseplate was designed by the special request of Canon USA


  • Base holes will be helicoil for stronger threading
  • 30+ mounting holes for configuration
  • Built in NATO rail on back
  • 2x ARRI Rosettes on front
  • Machined out of aluminum
  • 65mm stack height for use with broadcast lenses


The KONDOR BLUE Canon MS-500 Riser Baseplate was designed by special request of Canon USA. Featuring a 65mm stack height to be in compliance with broadcast lenses and related tripod accessories. Precision machined out of aerospace grade aluminum, the riser features dozens of useful mounts such as 32mm 60-tooth ARRI style rosettes, ¼” 20 and ⅜” 16 anti-twist mounts, and NATO rail. Each is positioned for use with other essential accessories such as monitors, wireless transmission, and cable management.

The mounting holes are specifically designed for the MS-500’s base and can mount via the 4x M4’s or the center slot with multiple ¼” 20’s and ⅜” 16 bolts—both of which are included in the kit. The bottom of the baseplate has an array of ¼” 20 and ⅜” 16 helicoil reinforce threads for mounting your tripod plate of choice.


  • 707g/24.94 oz
  • 100mm W x 65 mm T x 210mm D
Canon MS-500 Riser Baseplate
Canon MS-500 Riser Baseplate
Canon MS-500 Riser Baseplate
Canon MS-500 Riser Baseplate

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