EVF Support Arm Kit


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EVF Support Arm Kit Features:

  • 4 inches (100mm) of travel adjustment in nato rail
  • Dual push-button quick-release rosette modules
  • Easy one-handed adjustment
  • Push-button safety on nato
  • Standard M6 rosette mounting bolts
  • Included 4mm hex tool

EVF’s are a critical component of any shoulder rig. The challenge is getting the EVF positioned just right to be comfortable for all-day shooting. The Kondor Blue EVF Support Arm Kit was designed to solve these problems in an affordable, compact, and highly versatile solution.

The EVF Support Arm mounts directly to any Arri standard rosette via an included M6 mounting bolt. From there, dial in your eye line height via the quick-release rosette module and use the nato rail adjustment to slide the EVF to meet your eye. Lastly, use the second quick-release rosette module to adjust the angle of the EVF to rest against your eye socket comfortably.

With all of the adjustments in place, you’re ready for the demands of long production days with the confidence to get the perfect images you were looking for.

The EVF Support Arm Kit is just one example of the many product line enhancements we’ve made to the Kondor Blue lineup. Does your rig lack a mounting rosette? Check out our Rosette Cage Adapter or NATO Clamp to ARRI Rosette or our Rosette Single Rod Clamp for 15mm rails. The possibilities are endless. 

EVF Support Arm Kit
EVF Support Arm Kit
EVF Support Arm Kit
EVF Support Arm Kit

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