Canon R7 Arca Base Rig MKII


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Canon R7 Arca Base Rig MKII Setup Consists Of:


This Canon R7 Base Rig MKII builds off of everything we’ve learned about camera rigging after years of working with thousands of users all over the world. At the core of the system is the camera cage. Precision machined and finished from premium materials including stainless steel hardware for rust-free reliability. Each cage is designed by filmmakers with a range of real-world uses in mind. NATO rail and standard ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 anti-twist mounts are used throughout the Canon R7 Base Rig MKII, making additional accessory rigging simple and rigid.

The Baseplate/Bridge Plate, Top Handle, and Metal Body Cap selections have been optimized for particular camera setup. For details on each of the components, check out the linked items above. Backed by the KONDOR BLUE lifetime warranty and personal customer service our customers rave about.

Canon R7 Arca Base Rig MKII
Canon R7 Arca Base Rig MKII

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