Talon XL Top Handle with Trigger REC for Cameras


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Start/Stop REC button is compatible with popular cameras such as RED Komodo/Raptor, Canon, Fuji, Z CAM, URSA Mini Pro, LUMIX, Sony Cameras, and many more! (NOT the BMPCC yet)*

*The Trigger Handle does not include a Start/Stop cable. Browse our collection of shutter release cables

Key Features:

  • Remote Start/Stop REC Button
  • 2x Cold Shoes
  • 2x Nato Rail
  • 3x ⅜” Arri Mount
  • 1x Back Facing  ¼” Thread
  • Built-in 4mm Hex Tool
  • Molded Rubber Grip
  • Bubble Level
  • NATO Clamp 

Product Description:

The Talon XL Top Handle is the bigger brother to the Talon Top Handle. It features the same  molded rubber pad, which has been contoured to perfectly fit your hand.

Not only is the Talon XL 20mm/.75” longer, it also features a remote trigger Run/Stop button. This makes operating the camera from the top handle a dream.

Much like its namesake, the Talon XL Top Handle is meant to clasp all of your accessories with a range of mounting options. Starting at the front, a short Nato allows for quick accessorizing or mount any of our Monitor Mounts via the ⅜” Arri Mount. The top features a REC button and cold shoe mount, two more ⅜ Arri mounts pre-loaded with ⅜ to ¼ bushings, Nato rail, and our signature bubble level. Finally, the back has an additional cold shoe mount with a threaded ¼” 20 mount perfect for wireless mic receivers or other small accessories. 

The Talon XL mounts via a Nato clamp and has a built-in 4mm hex tool to save you in a pinch with mounting other popular accessories. Designed with versatility and comfort in mind, the Talon XL is ready for anything.

Tech Specs:

  • 200 gm/7.0 oz
  • Length: 140mm/5.5”
  • Mounted Height: 67.5mm/2.6”



    • Canon EOS R, RP, R3, R5, R5C, R6, R6II, R7, R10
    • Canon Cinema C70, C100, C200, C300, C500 all versions
    • Canon DSLR: All cameras with a 2.5mm or N3 trigger port
    • Sony Alpha camera: A7sII, A7IV, A7RV, A1, A9II, A9, A7R IV, A7R III, A7R II, A7R, A7S II, A7S, A7III, A7II, A7, a6600, a6500, a6400, a6300, a6000, a5100, a5000, a3500, a3000, ILCE-QX1
    • Sony FX Cinema Line: FX30, FX3, FX6, FX9
    • Sony Compact/Camcorders: RX1R II, RX10 IV, RX10 III, RX10 II, RX10, RX100 VII, RX100 VI, RX100 VA, RX100 V, RX100 IV, RX100 III, RX100 II, RX0 II, RX0, HX99, HX90V, HX80, HX60V, HX50V, HX400V, HX300, WX500, QX30, ZV-1, FDR-AX100, FDR-AX30, FDR-AX33, FDR-AV43, FDR-AX53, FDR-AX700, FDR-AXP35, HDR-CX230, HDR-CX240, HDR-CX320, HDR-CX330, HDR-CX380, HDR-CX405, HDR-CX430V, HDR-CX440, HDR-CX455, HDR-CX480, HDR-CX485, HDR-CX675, HDR-CX900, HDR-GW66V, HDR-GWP88V, HDR-PJ220, HDR-PJ230, HDR-PJ270, HDR-PJ275, HDR-PJ340, HDR-PJ350, HDR-PJ380, HDR-PJ430V, HDR-PJ440, HDR-PJ540, HDR-PJ650V, HDR-PJ660V, HDR-PJ670, HDR-PJ675, HDR-PJ790V, HDR-PJ810, HDR-PJ820
    • Lumix S1, S1R, S1H, S5, S5II, S5IIX
    • Lumix GH6, GH5, GH5 II, GH5S, GH4, GH3, GH2, GH1, G95, G9, G8, G7, G6, G5, G3, G2, G85, G10, G1, GX8, GX7, GX1, GF1,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ2500, DMC-FZ1000, DMC-FZ300, DMC-FZ200, DMC-FZ150, DMC-FZ100
    • Fuji XT3, XT4, XT5, XH2, XH2s,   X-T2, X-T1, X-T30, X-T20, X-T10, X-T100, X-Pro3, X-Pro2, X-E3, X-E2S, X-E2, X-A5, X-A10, X-H1, X100F, X100T, X70, X30, XF10, GFX 50S
    • Blackmagic Design URSA 4K, URSA Mini All versions, BMCC 2.5K, BM Production 4K, BM Studio Camera, Micro Cinema, Micro Studio, Original BMPCC 1080
    • RED Komodo, V Raptor, V Raptor XL, Rhino
    • Z Cam E2-S6, E2-S6G, E2-F6, E2-F8, E2, E2C, E2-M4

Choose Your Remote Trigger Cable (Sold Separately): HERE

*Quick Guide for Camera Control Switch Modes:

"P": Canon EOS R, EOS R5C, EOS R6, LUMIX S1H, Panasonic GH5, S5, Fuji XT4, RED KOMODO, 

"S": All Sony Cameras, URSA Mini, C300, C500, C70, Z CAM

Talon XL Top Handle with Trigger REC for Cameras
Talon XL Top Handle with Trigger REC for Cameras
Talon XL Top Handle with Trigger REC for Cameras
Talon XL Top Handle with Trigger REC for Cameras
Talon XL Top Handle with Trigger REC for Cameras
Talon XL Top Handle with Trigger REC for Cameras

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