Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig


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Watch the Canon R5C in action with our Ultimate Rig Here

The Canon 5 & R lines have always been incredibly popular. The Canon R5C is no exception and it seamlessly bridges the hybrid photo/video model in one compact package. The goal of any cage we produce is to magnify and enhance the features of the camera without interfering with any of its intended functionality. That’s why we specifically designed a specialized cage for this new camera.

Canon, as well as many other brands, have developed a unique set of adapters and filter systems to be used with the RF mount. The issue many cages on the market currently face is with their Left Side rails. The rail is often too far forward causing interference with drop-in filters. We intentionally avoided that area altogether while adding a simple solution for the HDMI Micro and USB C bracket.

Being part of the Canon Cinema line is not as simple as adding a red C to the camera body. To honor the cinematic nature of this 8k beast, we’ve added key details such as a Sensor Plane Marker for accurately measuring focus marks when using manual lenses. The sensor height is also 85mm from the 15mm rods in our Canon R5C Base and Ultimate Rig bundle options for seamless integration with professional matte boxes.

The Canon R5C cage is built for versatility and ease of use for productions of any size. Be sure to explore all of the Kondor Blue ecosystems as it will further enhance all of the features of this one-of-a-kind cage.

Features Include:

  • Built-In NATO Rails: Quickly & Securely mount accessories to the RIGHT, LEFT, and TOP Plates of the cage. 
  • Cold Shoe Safety Pin: prevent the notorious sliding issues that plague cold shoe accessories.
  • HDMI & USB C Cable Clamp: prevent damaging the micro-sized ports on the camera and losing the signal.
  • Multiple Points of Contact: Additional points of camera contact have been added to the left side strap slot, the anti-twist pin on the bottom of the camera, and the all-new cage Mid Rail ensures a solid hold.
  • Built-in Tools: 2mm & 4mm tools necessary for cage assembly and adjustment of the Ronin Arca plate are magnetically attached to the Base Plate
  • Over 15 Threaded Holes: ¼ and ⅜ and M4
  • Easy Accessibility for Buttons, Dials, Cable Ports, and Battery/Card Doors.
  • Designed to protect the camera from the most common drop angles. Strategically placed Mid-Rail for additional support for larger rig built-outs.
  • Perfect Balance: Designed to maintain the ideal center of gravity with most lens sizes for effortless maneuverability from the top handle
  • Wide strap loops for a side grip strap and/or a camera strap


  • 310gm/10.9 oz
  • 156mm W x 121mm T x 52mm D

Ultimate Rig

Canon R5C Ultimate Cinema Rig Consists Of:

* If your top handle button is not working, make sure to change your "shutter btn function for moves" to "fully-press = start/stop mov rec" in the MENU settings and that your handles switch is set to P for Canon mirrorless cameras. 


Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig
Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig
Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig
Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig
Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig
Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig
Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig
Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig
Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig
Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig
Canon R5C Cine Ultimate Rig

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