At Kondor Blue, we are all about relationships. As filmmakers ourselves, our success has been built on working closely with fellow creators and brands -- to offer creative solutions, add value, and truly be a force of innovation in the industry. What better way to accomplish this than via strategic partnerships! We have had the privilege of partnering with some of the best in the business -- and we are just getting started!


They say birds of a feather flock together -- and that is certainly the case in this exciting new partnership with our friends at Angelbird! Known for innovative media solutions, Angelbird was the perfect partner for our collaborative new product -- a compact and rock-solid MagSafe Recording Module. Together, we are elevating USB-C recording to new levels!


Harnessing the power and speed of SanDisk’s Pro-Blade SSD and the seamless USB-C recording capabilities of LUMIX cameras, the Kondor Blue Pro Blade SSD is a shining example of partnership.   We joined forces with Western Digital and Panasonic to bring you and an unparalleled experience in video recording, specifically tailored for today’s on-the-go creator.   Winner of the Best Accessory of NAB 2023, this feature-rich handle neatly and securely houses the SanDisk Pro-Blade SSD, conveniently connecting to your USB-C recording enabled camera. 


Kondor Blue is excited to announce another awesome partnership with content-creator Josh Yeo of Make. Art. Now. If you have seen us at the NAB, you've definitely seen Josh's creation -- the MARBL Orbit -- circling around the Kondor Nest. Born out of Josh's own desire to easily film 360 ̊ videos without a camera crew, the MARBL Orbit is your out-of-the-box solution for incredible shots. We had the opportunity to brainstorm with Josh during the development phase and even strengthen the Orbit with Kondor Blue Arm Joints. Pairing perfectly with our cage systems, the Marbl Orbit is now available at

The future is bright!

Stay tuned for exciting announcements with more incredible partners!