EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver


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  • Included 1/4” shank tool bits
    • 1”
      • Phillips #2
      • 3/16”
      • 2.5mm
      • 3mm 
      • 1.5mm 
    • 2”
      • Flat Head 6MM
      • 4mm
      • 2mm 
  • Pocket clip with optional lanyard loop
  • Bubble level
  • Load multiple bits at a time
  • TSA Compliant


Who doesn’t love a good multi-tool? In our years of prepping on and off set, we’ve used the gamut of tools and been left wanting. Have you ever fallen in love with a tool only to have an essential bit strip or break? Or is a critical tool not included causing you to have to carry multiple…multi-tools. Ya, it got annoying for us too so we set out to make one tool system to be the EDC (Every Day Carry) Multi-tool.

The Kondor Blue EDC Multi-tool is a bit-based tool using the ever popular ¼” shank bits which allows us to maximize the amount of bits you can carry, limit weight, and provide unlimited configuration. Bits are better, period. They’re non-proprietary to the tool and if one of the hardened still bits happens to strip, break or get left behind, it’s easy to replace. 

The Zippo inspired flip lid has an ever-so-satisfying magnetic closure. Within the bit chamber, 5x ¼” x 1” bits can be stored. At the end of the tool, 3x additional ¼” x 2” bits can be stored and held in by spring-loaded ball bearings. These slots have even been calibrated to have playful tactile feedback. Press the bits in and they’ll spring back into place making the EDC Multi-tool double as a fun fidget toy. The stock 2” bits are 3mm, 4mm, and flat head are the most commonly used amongst camera accessories so the extra length will be helpful for a range of applications.

The EDC Multi-tool features two main modes: Driver and Torque. In either mode, bits are held magnetically in place. Driver mode uses bits at the top of the tool for a quick screwdriver-like feel. Torque mode inserts the bits on the side—either at the end or the center—to provide more leverage when needing to get a little extra push when tightening or loosening a bolt. You can even load bits at multiple locations at a time speeding up rig assembly time.

Multi-tools often seem to have legs of their own so we’ve included a lanyard loop at the top of the belt clip so you can know where your EDC tool is at all times. The EDC Multi-tool also features a bubble line level and a large magnet for holding spare. Precision machined from  aerospace grade aluminum, the Kondor Blue EDC Multi-tool is in a league of its own. It is light weight and incredibly strong and durable. It’s an easy add-on to fit any of your assembly workflows.

    • 159g/5.6 oz with bits
    • 36mm W x 110mm L x 18.5mm D

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    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver
    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver
    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver
    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver
    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver
    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver
    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver
    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver
    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver
    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver
    EDC Multi-Tool Bit Driver


    The Last Multi-Tool You'll Ever Need.