Director's Monitor Pro Kit


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  • Kit includes
    • 5" monitor cage rail
    • Core Bracket
    • Mini V Plate
    • 8" PPSH 15mm Rod
    • 2x Rod to Rosette Adapter
    • Left & Right QR Rosette Hand Grips
    • 2" Monitor Cage Rail
    • Nato to Spigot Clamp
    • D-Tap Hub
  • Lightweight, compact footprint
  • Nato connection to monitor for quick release
  • Dual 15mm rod clamp to prevent monitor sag
  • Multiple accessory mounts
    • Cold Shoe
    • 4x Arri mount
    • Male Arri mount to mount into accessories like the Kondor Blue D-Tap Hub
    • 4x ¼ 20’s
  • Built-in 3mm and 4mm hex tools


The Director’s Pro Kit is a camera monitor cage setup that builds upon the foundation of the Kondor Blue Director’s Monitor Indie kit. The 3.5” Monitor Cage Rail can be mounted to the top or bottom of your monitor. Then the Core Bracket can be attached via the nato clamp. Branching out from the Core Bracket is our 8” PPSH 15mm rod capped with a pair of Kondor Blue QR Rosette Hand Grips for quick adjustment of grip angles. The 15mm rod mount on the Core Bracket features a unique dual clamping mechanism to prevent the monitor from slipping under its own weight. 

The Kondor Blue D-Tap Hub mounts to the retractable Arri pins and serves as the center of power distribution for the kit. The 2” Monitor Cage Rail can mount on the Arri mount adjacent to the cold shoe on the Core Bracket or the bottom of your monitor. This is then used to quickly mount on and off to the Nato to Spigot Clamp designed to be mounted to a light or C-stand.

Additional mounting points can be found throughout the rig. The cold shoe on the Core Bracket is a great spot for a wireless receiver, and the ¼ 20 threads on the bottom of the hand grips are ideal for ¼” Loop Screws for Straps, and of course mounting points throughout for Mondo Ties Cable management.

Every component of the V-Mount Battery Plate is machined to ensure durability and accuracy—you can confidently set the Pro Kit down without fear of the V-Mount popping off. 

The modular design of this camera monitor cage Pro Kit allows for a variety of setups and accessorizing. We can’t wait to see how it will be used on sets all over the world.

  • Director’s Monitor Bracket: 100g/3.5 oz
  • V Mount Battery Plate: 150g/5.3 oz
  • 5” Monitor Cage Rail: 37g/1.3 oz
  • 2" Monitor Cage Rail: 25g/.9oz
  • 8” PPSH 15mm Rod: 37g/1.3 oz
  • 2x Rod to Rosette Adapter: 100g/3.5 oz
  • Left & Right QR Rosette Hand Grips: 204g/7.2 oz
  • D-Tap Hub: 75g/2.6 oz
  • Nato to Spigot Clamp: 45g/1.6 oz
  • Total Kit Weight: 773g/27.3 oz

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Built for speed, versatility and scalability!


Starting with our Director's Monitor Core Bracket and scaling up to our Pro Kit, this collection is ideal for the simplest to the most complex of productions ... and everything in between.