4x5.65" Opaline Diffusion Filter


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  • Worlds Lightest & Most Rugged 4x5 Filter
  • 4mm Industry Standard Size Aluminum Frame
  • Corner Grab Tabs for Fingerprint-free Handling
  • Creates a natural halo & glow around highlights in your frame
  • Subtly eases skin imperfections while maintaining sharpness
  • 2mm Glass Opaline Diffusion Filter
  • Available in True 1/4 and 1/8 Strengths
  • Includes Magnetic Filter Tab for KONDOR Blue Matte Box


KONDOR BLUE and Element FIlters bring you Opaline!  With the recent introduction of the KONDOR Blue Matte Box System, we turned our sights to the filter market to make sure that we could offer the best experience possible for our customers. One of the critical elements of filters is the quality and consistency of the glass, and unfortunately, the more you spend doesn’t necessarily translate to better glass.

In classic KONDOR BLUE fashion, as opposed to starting our own line of filters, we’ve opted to collab with Element Filters to bring their diffusion recipe to the market but in a new light, using all-new ultra slim 2mm filters housed in a premium aluminum enclosure. This enclosure is screw free, so there aren’t any unwanted seam lines, weight or spots for gunk to build up. We’ve even added these small corner indents for both filter labeling and finger print-free handling when swapping filters.

With Opaline, the primary focus is on white halation diffusion, providing a natural halo & glow to practical lights in your frame. Opaline also adds in a splash of black diffusion particles to help maintain contrast and smooth skin complexions.
Not only are you getting quality glass with Element Filters, but a more robust, lighter filter with the KONDOR BLUE Metal Filter Frame. At launch, we'll have the 1/4 and 1/8 strengths with room to expand.


  • 79g/2.7 oz
  • 4” T x 5.65” W x 4mm D
  • 143.5mm W x101.5mm T x 4mm D

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4x5.65" Opaline Diffusion Filter
4x5.65" Opaline Diffusion Filter
4x5.65" Opaline Diffusion Filter
4x5.65" Opaline Diffusion Filter
4x5.65" Opaline Diffusion Filter
Precision Machining meets Optical Artistry.

We are excited to partner with yet another awesome brand, Element Filters!   The Opaline Diffusion Filter line pairs the rich contrast, soft tones, and enhanced highlights of Element Filter's glass with Kondor Blue’s rock-solid, lightweight aluminum edges.


Twice the protection. half the weight.

Ultra-thin glass housed in a premium, aluminum alloy enclosure.  Introducing the world’s lightest and most rugged 4 x 5 filters.


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