Tentacle Sync-E Caddy Mount


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Key Features:

  • Compatible with both Mk I and Mk II Tentacle Sync E models
  • Mount via built-in Mini QR plate or with two included ¼ 20s 
  • Protect your Sync E

Product Highlights:

Tentacle Sync has made accurate timecodes available for the masses. We rarely go on set without a handful of these in our kit. Mounting the Tentacle Sync E, however, is a challenge. While they do include built-in hook-and-loop pads, the pads can prove insufficient when moving around the set.

We’ve searched the market and weren’t satisfied with any of the mounting options for the Tentacle Sync E. We set out to design exactly what we were looking for: something compact with multiple mounting options to honor Tentacle’s features, etc. The result is a multifunctional, super lightweight (1 oz.) caddy mount design. 

The Sync E is held in place by a single M5 bolt and cuts off just below the colored rubber band. The bottom right corner has also been removed providing ample access to the on/off switch and power indicator. Additionally, the bottom has been kept open to allow for cables of all sizes to be mounted. 

Mounting the Tentacle Sync E is now a breeze with multiple options. To keep the caddy mount design as slim as possible, we embedded our Mini QR plate. Additionally, there is a mounting slot that comes with two custom low-profile ¼ 20s. The slot is over 18mm long allowing for the bolts to be mounted to almost any cage configuration.

If you’ve lost a Tentacle Sync E on set or struggled to find an open spot on your kit to adhere to the velcro patch, then our caddy mount is for you.


  • 29 gm/1 oz
  • 52mm W x 42mm T x 24mm D
Tentacle Sync-E Caddy Mount
Tentacle Sync-E Caddy Mount
Tentacle Sync-E Caddy Mount
Tentacle Sync-E Caddy Mount
Tentacle Sync-E Caddy Mount

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