We can't wait to see you in Vegas! We have a fantastic show in store for you including exciting new product announcements, 10% off our entire line of products, a dynamic lineup of speakers in our Creators' Lounge, and an incredible set of giveaways packed in to our popular QR Code Scavenger Hunt -- back and better for 2024


Completely modular. Expertly crafted. It’s everything a Matte Box should be. Not only does it have built-in critical safety features such as pivoting filter catches, a safety snake loop, and a magnetically nested carbon top flag, but we’ve added all of the bells and whistles you would expect to see in a Kondor Blue product. Even more, you can build your Matte Box your way. Our Matte Box System can be configured to any level of production, budget, or shooting style. An unprecedented amount of flexibility at an amazing price point, the Kondor Blue Matte Box System is in a league of its own. Reserve yours today!


We are thrilled to announce our newest cage system for the long-awaited Sony Burano! One of our most unique designs yet, every detail has been meticulously thought out to ensure the greatest flexibility in your workflow. The unique, split Top Plate design features two interchangeable plates with intentionally placed mounting holes that allow you to use the Burano Stock Top Handle or the Kondor Blue Top Handle of your choosing.  Lightweight, fully modular, and engineered for versatility, this cage stands out above all others!Preorder yours today!


We are beyond excited about our newly redesigned Pro Battery Plates! Many months in the making, these powerful and thoughtfully engineered accessories are perfect for every rig and workflow! They check every box! 

  • QUICK AND SIMPLE: Cut power consumption and wrap set with a flip of a switch 
  • UNRESTRICTED CONTROL OVER RIGGING: Escape the constraints of predetermined mounting options
  • NO LIMITATIONS: Overcome the confines of fixed port orientations and limited port options 

Available in V Mount and Gold Mount versions, this is the battery plate you need. Grab yours today! 


Introducing the world's first hard-mounted USB-C Media Hub for Mobile Filmmaking!  Not only is this tool electronically brilliant, but it is also a rigging powerhouse! It allows for multiple accessories to be plugged into your iPhone 15, giving you free rein to take advantage of your smartphone’s functionality as a professional camera! With ports for power delivery, SSD media, external monitoring, and even audio in; we’ve given you the ultimate USB-C solution for video.

This nifty device pairs perfectly with our Stalman Clamp and MagSafe Recording Modules, and (of course!) we’ve designed it to play nicely with any mobile phone rig that you may have! Check out this video to learn more and preorder yours today!  


We had a blast working with Matt Johnsonto develop this handy audio pack! The WHOISMATT Audio Pack has the three essential audio cables every event videographer needs… all in one convenient travel pack! You’ll get a Male XLR to Female XLR, a Male XLR to Male ¼” TRS Plug, and a Male XLR to Male RCA.  Each cable is 6 feet in length and backed by Kondor Blue‘s industry-leading lifetime warranty! Equipped with your Audio Pack, you'll be able to plug into nearly any sound system on the go! In this video, Matt will tell you why he is stoked about this audio pack and why you must grab your set today!

OPALINE Diffusion by Element Filters & Kondor Blue

Ultra-thin glass housed in a premium, aluminum alloy enclosure.  Introducing the world’s lightest and most rugged 4 x 5 filters!

The Opaline Diffusion Filter Line by Element Filters and Kondor Blue pairs the rich contrast, soft tones, and enhanced highlights of Element Filter's glass with Kondor Blue’s rock-solid, lightweight aluminum edges.

Available now in 1/4 and 1/8 strengths, these filters pair perfectly with our brand new Matte Box.


We are excited to announce the CRATERR QUEST: SCAN & WIN competition at the 2024 NAB Show! We have partnered with some incredible brands to create an unforgettable experience for the 100th Anniversary of the National Association of Broadcasters Show. With just your phone and your competitive spirit, you can play along for your chance to win thousands of dollars of amazing giveaways!